We offer world-class professional
services to leading organizations
across all industries.

HR Consulting

  1. Advisory Services: We help our clients to generate and analyze information that they can understand and, following a thorough diagnosis, act upon to bring about the desired change within the organization.
  2. Policy Development: We help to develop sound policies that reflect the management’s philosophy and values, social values and customs which are in line with global best practices.
  3. Organizational Development: Our OD services aim at helping our clients’ employees work more effectively together, improve organizational processes such as the formulation and implementation of strategy and facilitate the transformation of the organization and the management of change.

Staffing Services

  1. Placement & Recruitment: In an industry typified by product similarity, what sets us apart is our exceptional quality of services rendered by professional consultants. The cornerstone of our reputation for client satisfaction is personally delivering superior results through a proven process of understanding your requirements and prudently matching candidates to corporate ideals. We assist you in placing the right people in key positions for mutual success.
  2. Flexible Staffing/Outsourcing: Our team specializes in management of contract staff, selection and placement of temporary staff, and provision of interim staffing services.
  3. Outplacement & Transitioning: We have extended our expertise in recruitment, human resources and career management to offer outplacement and career transition services.

We offer a comprehensive yet cost effective career transition to companies, non-profit and any other organizations that find themselves having to reduce their workforce as well as individuals who are out of work or just looking to change career or job.

Learning & Development

  1. Training: Our aim is to help our clients to take advantage of the strategic positioning of Training and Development. To meet current and future business needs, training and development encompasses a wide range of learning actions; from training for tasks and knowledge sharing, to improved customer service and career development, thus expanding individual, group and organizational effectiveness. We offer these through our customized and public programs.
  2. Professional Certification Preparation: TalentWeb International is an approved Certification Preparation Provider (CPP) by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). By virtue of this affiliation, HR professionals who desire to be globally recognized as a certified professional have the opportunity to be prepared and tutored by experienced professionals in TalentWeb.


We are more than strategic thinkers, we are doers. We are more than advisors, we are executors.

We will not only dig out the problem, we will help you fix it. In short, we do not just point the way to our clients, we lead them to their desired goals.


  • To help our clients create the right employer – employee relationship that will give birth to well engaged, motivated and productive human capital
  • To be a global firm taking world-class professional services to Africa and beyond
  • To offer top-class career prospects to employees and maximum returns on investment to all stakeholders.
TWI provides a full spectrum of long-term staffing and career solutions