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Organizations today compete fiercely for talent. Recent statistics indicate that 25 percent of critical positions remain unfilled after five months.

Firms invest an enormous amount of money, time and other resources in advertising and recruiting strategies to attract the best candidates because today’s executives understand that one of the most important drivers of organizational success is outstanding talent. Research also reveals that careful talent assessment results in significant productivity increases, cost savings and decreased attrition.

At TalentWeb, we are committed to helping our clients attract, hire and retain outstanding talents and so, we constantly seek for partnerships and collaborations that will help us deliver on this goal. For this reason, we introduce to you Central Test.

Central Test provides companies and individuals with the best assessment solutions to help them reveal and fully develop their potential.

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Professional Service

Our mandate is to provide exceptional service to complement your core values. We pride ourselves on building solid, lasting relationships based on trust, mutual respect and understanding of your goals and objectives. Ultimately, our aim is to provide value-adding strategic business partnership to all our clients in the area of talent sourcing, identification an acquisition.

Personal Accountability

At TalentWeb International, we take a personal approach to working with employers and candidates. We believe that sourcing the right candidate with the precise skills to meet employer requirements is as important as ensuring that the position meets the career goals and aspirations of the candidate.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Our work ethic is one of partnership with our colleagues and clients alike. Trust and collaboration is critical to working together to achieve mutual satisfaction.


Integrity is an attribute that we maintain without compromise. Over the years, our consultants’ reputations for honest, professional and ethical business practices have earned the respect of our clients, peers and competitors.


We are also steadfast in our dedication to high-caliber service and solutions rendered by our team of professionals. This staunch commitment to quality brings in new business, converts candidates into clients and keeps them coming back.


  • We shall work as a team
  • We shall use IT to our advantage
  • We shall be proactive in our reporting process to ensure speed and accuracy
  • We shall be proactive in our billing methodology to attract desired clients even if it requires adopting contingency approach
  • We shall place deadlines on key operations and ensure that set targets are met and surpassed.
  • We shall ensure that we have clear understanding of the clients’ objectives from the onset at all times to prevent repeat jobs
  • We shall recruit and retain the best people that fits into our system
  • Leverage on goodwill and referrals from satisfied clients
  • Aggressively market the TalentWeb brand
  • Strive to make TalentWeb International an employer of choice